Australia World All-time Favorite Likely to Win The Cricket World Cup
By CricShots - Jul 2, 2019 12:14 am
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Cric Shots sincerely think Australia is a contender to win the Cricket World Cup this year and we have every reason to believe so.

While most people think India should be the team to be scared of because of the fact that they have maintained a steady unbeaten run, winning 4 out of the 5 matches played; we still think Australia should also be watched out for.

Even the current table standings on The News reveals that Australia is top on the table with 10 points after winning 5 out of the 6 matches played and losing Just 1. New Zealand which was top some days ago falls to the second position while India is sitting comfortably on the 3rd position.

At the rate the Aussies are going, reaching the Semis shouldn’t be a problem, and I am quite sure they stand a higher chance at reaching the finals and probably winning the World Cup as they did in 2015.

Australia in the spirit of reveling in past glory is definitely motivated to follow the part of their predecessors to win this tournament.

Australia is considered as the most successful team in the history of Cricket World Cup as they have won the cup 5 times – 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015. It is also noteworthy to reckon that they reached the 1975 and 1996 finals where they lost to West Indies and Sri Lanka respectively.

The Aussies also have played a total number of 85 world cup matches, which is the highest recorded for any team. The Aussies have also recorded the highest win percentage cumulatively.

Over the years, the Aussies have made it sort of the norm to be Watched out for in the world cup, because of how consistent they have proven themselves to be, Especially in the world cup.

You will agree with me with the way this current Australian team is forging ahead in the world cup, also factoring the fact that they are top on the table, they seem really headstrong to let history repeat itself and we think, it will be well deserved because they have worked really hard for it.

Australia’s next match will be against New Zealand and according to reputable bet platforms like Betfair, they consider them favorite as they are priced at 8/15 odds while New Zealand is priced at 31/20 odds.

Bet365 on the other hand also feel Australia are on the right track to win the world cup this time. Bet365 has this Odds market category – To win Outright – where you can bet on Australia to win the Tournament at 13/5 odds, alongside England, India and New Zealand which are priced at 2/1, 21/10 and 6/1 odds respectively.

Other teams in that Market category are Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and South Africa which are priced at 40/1, 80/1, 80/1, 200/1 and 300/1 respectively.

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