Ben Stokes Not Interested to Lead England?
By Shruti - Nov 16, 2019 5:31 pm
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Ben Stokes expressed on Friday that he is not interested in captaining England in the future. He is considered as one of the most charismatic and exciting England players for decades, but he isn’t ready to take the extra responsibility of the captaincy. After playing a key role in England’s historic 50-over World Cup win earlier this year, Ben Stokes also stood up in the Ashes series against Australia and he is currently serving as the deputy to Test captain Joe Root but doesn’t consider himself as the team’s leader.

Ben Stokes and Virat Kohli

“That’s not an aspiration of mine. It’s just not one of those things I’m desperate to do,” Stokes said to the BBC’s Today programme. “I’m very happy at the moment being vice-captain, we’ve got a great leader in Joe.”

“You never know how you handle the pressure of being England captain unless you do it. Being the Test captain of England — so much pressure comes with it. It’s a huge burden to carry because everything falls back on you, especially if it goes bad, and you never know how you’ll handle that pressure until you walk out onto the field as England captain. So I’ve got no idea how I’d handle it if I did it but, as I say, it’s not an aspiration of mine,” he added.

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Ben Stokes, 28, is now on the tour with England in New Zealand for their upcoming series. Although he doesn’t want to lead the team, he would love to coach after his retirement.

“I guess there always comes a time when you have to start seriously thinking about it and I always say I’d love to be a coach in the future,” he added. “I can’t ever see myself just completely disconnecting myself away from the game as some people have.”

“But I’m still only 28, I have got plenty of years in the tank hopefully. But I’d love to stay in the game somehow and if that was as a coach I’d love to do that,” he concluded.