How To Become Good At Cricket?
By CricShots - May 19, 2022 4:00 am
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Becoming great in any sport takes time and dedication but you can improve much faster if you know what you are doing. Cricket is the second most popular game in the world and it’s pretty easy to learn. If you already know the sport, it doesn’t take too much to understand some general rules of becoming successful in cricket.

Instead of playing, you can use your knowledge and bet on your favorite team in the best online casino, but it’s usually more fun to play. Knowing your role in the game is the first thing to have in mind so you can work on improving your skill. Batting is one of the leading roles and they are always at the center of attention, so you can start by enhancing your batting.

Take A Good Stance

Many players disregard how important your stance is and they just focus on hitting the ball. But, handling the bat in the wrong way and standing in an unnatural position can lose you a game. Most players will do a side stance where your left leg will face the opponent if you are a right-handed player.

There isn’t a specific rule when it comes to the way you are standing so you should focus more on stability. Always bend your knees a bit and distribute the weight evenly on both legs. Everything will depend on the bowler and how they are throwing so you need to learn how to adapt.

One of the things every professional player recommends is having the flat part of the bat facing the bowler. You can act quicker this way and the swing will be more powerful. The bats used for baseball and cricket are very different so you shouldn’t hold them as high as in baseball.

How To Swing Properly?

When you take your stance, you should bring the bat up but under the shoulder height and relax your shoulders before the throw. One of the biggest mistakes players make is that they are waiting for the release to start swinging. You need to think a couple of moves ahead of the bowler.

No matter if you are doing a defensive hit or drive, the ball should hit the center of the bat. The swing has more in common with golf hit instead of baseball where the goal would be to hit the ball with the end of the bat.

When you hit the ball, you should have your chest open and your weaker arm following along the swing. Pulling the bat up while hitting the ball will give your more power and control of the play.

How To Always Hit?

Knowing your opponent is one of the most important things if you want to make a clean hit. There are types of throws that you can learn online but every bowler does it in their own way. In order to make a successful hit every time, you should focus on their movement and the way they grip the ball. That’s why preparation for the game is equally important as working on your skills.

When you see the type of grip they have and how they are approaching the throw, you can anticipate what type of throw it will be. Everything in the next second is connected and a single miscalculation can make you miss the hit. Always adjust your stance during the throw so you can take the hit and look at the ball without blinking because the rotation and the area it drops matter the most.

In cricket, letting the ball pass sometimes isn’t a big deal because your goal is to rack up runs. But, when you make a good hit, you need to be prepared for the run. This is also one of the best places to make an error because the way you position yourself will determine how fast you will react. The best training you can do is to work on your reflexes so you can time your shots properly.