Justin Langer Says What It Feels to Stay Home
By Shruti - Mar 26, 2020 3:30 pm
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Global pandemic COVID-19 has been affecting everyone in the world. It witnessed the cancellation of every sport events all over the world. Amid this crunch situation, everyone has been staying at home and spending time at home. However, staying home during the national lockdown to restrict the spread of the coronavirus is like “nirvana” for Australian cricketers as they generally live out of the house, head coach Justin Langer has said recently.

Justin Langer
Justin Langer

Moreover, some of the Australian players were about to play in the Indian Premier League but the cash-rich T20 tournament has been postponed at least until mid-April due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and may end up being cancelled this season as well.

“The truth is for me personally and for all the players, this is like nirvana in the fact we’re home with our families, we sleep in our own beds, we eat home cooked dinners and we can still work in one degree or another from home,” Justin Langer told reporters on Thursday.

Australia has recorded more than 2,550 infections, while 12 people have already died. Globally, the flu-like virus has killed more than 21,200 people so far. He also said how it has hit his home.

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“I’ve got four daughters at home and three of them have lost their jobs,” Justin Langer said. “It’s a great eye-opener to me, how careful we have to be. Talk about being prepared for rainy days. This is certainly more than a rainy day. Whether it’s a footy club or my daughters all losing their jobs … I have great empathy for so many people going through this tough time.”

Coronavirus has affected not only everyone’s lives but also sporting events across the globe which not only included the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League but also many international series where no decision took place as the situation has not changed much in the last few days amid the novel coronavirus pandemic in the country as well as globally.