MS Dhoni Played With Finger Injury During ICC World Cup Semi-final?
By CricShots - Aug 13, 2019 3:41 pm
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Former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni has recently been in news for various reasons. During the ICC World Cup 2019, his batting approach in the game against England was immensely criticized. Moreover, amidst the criticism, the veteran batting with the thumb injury also earned him a lot of praise. The picture of him spitting the blood while batting went viral. However, it has been now revealed, the former Indian skipper had injured one other finger during the same match but opted not to reveal about the injury. 

MS Dhoni

Dhoni is performing his duties for the Indian Army in the Parachute Regiment in Kashmir and is also expected to hoist the Indian national flag in Leh on the Independence Day. Post the conclusion of the World Cup, he was expected to announce his retirement from international cricketer, but the 38-year-old surprised everyone by taking a break from the game and opted himself out of the West Indies tour.

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While his retirement is still a speculation, a source, while speaking to, Dhoni’s injury hasn’t been scanned yet. He said, “Dhoni injured a finger during India Vs England match. However, he continued to be in the game even after the injury. The intensity of the damage is so high that it is speculated to be a hairline fracture. It’s hurting the former captain of India so much that he cannot even close his fist.”

Dhoni suffering thumb injury

Interestingly, Dhoni has kept his injury a secret and didn’t tell about it to anyone. The reason behind it is his commitment to serve the Indian Army even before beginning for the 2019 World Cup in England. He didn’t want the injury to become the reason to get disqualified from the training.

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Describing the same, a source said, “Dhoni wanted to keep this injury a big secret. He didn’t want any fuss around it. In fact, he has not even got it scanned by the doctors in order to avoid the beans getting spilled. The big reason behind this being the Territorial Army. He didn’t want the injury to get officially detected for obvious reasons, as he didn’t want to get disqualified for training.”

If the news of the injury is true by any chance, Dhoni is likely to get it treated and might be ruled out of the action for a few weeks if he doesn’t retire immediately.