Rajkumar Sharma says it is easy for Team India to reach the WTC final
By SMCS - Mar 17, 2022 3:37 pm
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Virat Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma said that the remaining Test against England could be Team India’s only trouble in their way to reach the World Test Championship (WTC) final. However, the last Test of India’s five-match series against England has been postponed amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The Indian team have a 2-1 lead going into the final match of the series, which will take place later this year.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma and Team India

During a discussion on India News, Rajkumar Sharma responded: “India has a very good chance. Seeing their current form, I feel it is very easy for India to reach the final. The England Test could be a tough exam but other than that, I feel India can win the other six Tests easily. Australia will also come to India and play and it will not be easy for Australia. India has a very good chance of beating them and Bangladesh.”

However, India will host Australia in a four-match Test series next year and apart from the one Test in England, India will take on Bangladesh in a two-match Test series away from home.

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Rajkumar Sharma replied: “Rohit’s thinking is absolutely correct, that you see one game at a time and don’t think about winning all seven matches, you plan for one-one match and prepare for that and keep on winning that and moving forward. Generally, if you see a distant goal, you waver in between and this is a good chance for India that Australia is playing in India only. It will not be that easy to whitewash them because Australia is an excellent team and India will have to play good cricket if we want to beat them 4-0.”

Saba Karim also feels Team India could face a challenge in five of their remaining seven Tests in the ongoing World Test Championship (WTC) cycle. During a discussion on India News, Saba Karim opined on this.

sri lanka
India vs Sri Lanka

He said, “This is the best option, you don’t have any other option. I feel India will have a challenge in five Test matches – the only Test that is going to be played in England and the four in the home series against Australia. Australia also has a strong team. Because they are playing Tests against Pakistan at the moment, they would have got more experience about the conditions and they will gain from that. Along with that, Australia has two spinners at the moment – Nathan Lyon and Swepson, who is a leg-spinner. I feel they would be well prepared when Australia travels to India.”

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Saba Karim also added that Team India will not be troubled much by Bangladesh as well.

“I feel we will see a challenge for India in these five Tests only. As far as India playing in Bangladesh, there is a lot of difference in quality between our team and the Bangladesh players. There is no need for us to think about the other teams. We have to go towards our goal only. I feel the way we are performing and six matches are going to happen in the Indian subcontinent, the biggest thing is that we should get result-oriented wickets in India, which we are getting at the moment,” he concluded.