Reports: England-India Players Continued Exchange Of Words In Lord’s Long Room
By Aditya Pratap - Aug 25, 2021 6:30 pm
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The Lord’s Test match between England and India is not going to be forgotten soon. Not only because India came from behind to register a famous victory, but also because of how the tempers were flying from both teams.

Virat Kohli and Jos Buttler

Now, the latest reports suggest that the war of words between the two teams didn’t end on the field. According to the report published by Daily Telegraph, players were seen arguing in the Long Room of the Lord’s cricket ground as well.

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The Long Room is usually packed with the MCC members and yesteryear’s legendary cricketers but due to the Covid-19 protocols, it was empty for this Test and only the players and the support staff from both teams were allowed inside.

According to the report, the war of words between the two teams was continued in the Long Room as well where Indian officials, support staff and team members were present as well.

“The players were pictured arguing as they left the playing field but the rows carried on in the Long Room, which was packed with India officials, support staff, and squad players, who gave their team a rousing reception as they walked inside,” read a report by Daily Telegraph.

“Joe Root, who just scored a brilliant unbeaten 180, and Virat Kohli are believed to have exchanged words on their way to the dressing room as the situation threatened to escalate before tempers cooled,” added the report.

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Things started to heat up during the fag end of day three when Jasprit Bumrah welcomed James Anderson with a barrage of short balls. Anderson exchanged few words at the stumps, which ultimately provoked the rest of the Indian players as well.

Virat Kohli had banter with James Anderson

On day five, England bowlers tried to give it back to Bumrah with some nasty bouncers and Jos Buttler, Ollie Robinson and Mark Wood chirped some words in his ear as well. But Bumrah kept his head straight and fought fire with fire to take India into a commanding position.

In return, Indian skipper Virat Kohli was in the face of England batsmen during the fourth innings, where England collapsed for 120 and India registered a remarkable win by 151 runs.