Rohit Sharma opens up on Rahul Dravid’s impact as head coach
By SMCS - Dec 9, 2021 7:00 pm
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Former India player Rahul Dravid took over the reins of Team India’s head coach after the 2021 T20 World Cup and Rohit Sharma praised him. Rohit, who has recently been named India’s white-ball captain, has shared that Dravid worked hard as a player. Sharma also added that Dravid will ensure the team gets used to his culture of hard work.

trent boult
Trent Boult dismissed Rohit Sharma

Speaking to Boria Majumdar on his show ‘Backstage with Boria’, Rohit said: “Rahul Bhai was a brilliant cricketer, we all know that without a doubt. We all know how he has played his cricket. He himself has come out and said on so many occasions that he was not so talented. He had to work so hard to get where he is today. I think that is going to reflect on this team as well.”

He continued: “Making sure that we work hard as a team. That nothing is given on a platter to anyone. He will make you work hard. Obviously, when you do that, when you enjoy that process, you feel good about it. Because there is a process that has been put in place.”

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However, the newly-appointed Indian ODI captain also added that under Rahul Dravid, there will be more clarity for the players in the team as well. He also revealed that Dravid spoke to every player individually after being appointed as the head coach as he wanted to get a clearer understanding of what each player thinks of their role in the team as well.

“And there is a structure as well. So people will enjoy that. Guys that are coming in, going out. They will have so much clarity about why they were out of the team, why they came into the team and all that. That is something that he will be able to create,” Rohit Sharma said. “If I’m not wrong, he’s gone personally to each one of us and spoken about what they feel about themselves and what sort of role they look for in this team and what they have to offer, which position will be their best position to bat, etc. Same with the bowlers as well.”

rohit rahul
Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul

He continued: “He has gone personally and spoken to each one of us. Just to understand us. Obviously he’s been working with India A and India U-19s and he was the NCA head. So he knows each player in and out. It’s not like he doesn’t know anyone. He has that bond with everyone, now it’s just about taking that forward and taking it to the next level.”

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However, Team India are all set to tour South Africa for the three-match Test series and as many ODIs. And, Rohit Sharma, while speaking about the team’s preparation, shared that they will try to practice on similar pitches at home before the tour. The Test series will begin on December 26.

“You got to be ready, but that’s where I am going to try and plan. We are not going to get pitches like South Africa here in India. But we’re going to try and do something similar to what we’re going to expect in South Africa. The bounce and all that is not going to be the same, but we need to come close to what we expect there. What is in your hand is in your hand, what is controllable, you control those, other things you can’t,” Rohit Sharma concluded.