Sunil Gavaskar Thinks Sports Should be Made Affordable for All
By Shruti - Sep 22, 2019 9:31 am
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Former India player Sunil Gavaskar on Friday said that sports should be made affordable for all and it should be a part of the school curriculum and a career option to create a positive situation for sports in the country.

Sunil Gavaskar

“I think India’s biggest plus is its population. It should not be difficult to find champions. I am not necessarily saying gold medalists,” said the batting legend Sunil Gavaskar.

He commented that there are three things necessary to make sports affordable. The first was the playing sports should be affordable. The next was that it should be added in the school curriculum, where the sportsperson gets some allowances or incentives and the third was making sports a career option.

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“The moment sport becomes a career option, then everybody, the child, the parents they all get involved in that. Then schools can come in and help by making sports part of their curriculum. I think then we have a win-win situation,” Gavaskar added.

Gavaskar further said that cricket was flourishing in India because it has emerged as a career option.

“We dont necessarily have to play in the IPL, dont necessarily have to be an international player. Today you play Ranji trophy cricket, you can still make a good career. You make more money than you would be working for a corporate or working for the airlines or the Railways or working for a government company,” Gavaskar said.

In cricketing front, India will take on South Africa in the third T20I in their three-match T20I series where India have taken a lead of 1-0. The first game was washed out due to rain and the third one will be played on Sunday.