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WATCH – Chris Gayle Got Angry After His Dismissal
By CricShots - Jun 7, 2019 5:15 pm
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Umpire Chris Gaffney was immensely criticized after he twice gave Chris Gayle out during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 encounter between West Indies and Australia only for the decision to be reversed on both the occasions. Mitchell Starc trapped Gayle in front of the stumps in two overs time as the decision stayed with the umpire this time around despite Gayle reviewing it. However, the replays showed that the ball should have been a free-hit as Gaffney failed to spot a massive no-ball the previous delivery.

Mitchell Starc bowled a no-ball before getting Chris Gayle out

The DRS was first taken in the third over of the second innings when Starc bowled an incoming delivery to Gayle and Gaffney had no hesitation in raising his finger. The southpaw straightaway went for the referral and replays confirmed that there was no bat involved and the ball had kissed the off stump with the bails refusing to fall.

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On the very next ball, Starc delivered an inswinging yorker which caught Gayle by surprise and Gaffney again raised his finger and the Australians started celebrating but Gayle again went for the review for a second time with an angry look on his face and was proven right once again. The ball was missing the leg stump by quite some distance and the umpire’s decision had to be overturned for the second time in a row.

Here is the video of the same:

Gayle finally ran out of luck two overs later when Starc found plumb in front of the stumps. Gaffney was the umpire again and he decided to raise his finger yet again to give him out for the third time. Gayle went for the DRS once again but the decision stayed with the umpire this time around with ball-tracker showing that the ball would have kissed the leg stump. THowever, in replays it was shown that the previous delivery bowled by Starc was a massive no-ball which meant that the ball which accounted for Gayle’s wicket should have been a free-hit.


The decision proved to be a game-changing one as Gayle was dismissed for a 17 ball 21 as West Indies lost their second wicket for just 31 runs chasing 289. Former cricketers, as well as fans, took to Twitter to express their resentment over the decision which eventually cost West Indies the match by 15 runs.

Here is how Twitter reacted after Gayle’s dismissal: