WC 2019: Jasprit Bumrah Loves The Respect They Are Getting as a Fast Bowling Unit
By Shruti - Jun 27, 2019 2:37 pm
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India have been going through a pretty good time as they are performing constantly in the ongoing ICC World Cup. They have registered four wins out of five games. The No. 1 ODI bowler in the world, Jasprit Bumrah is happy that they are getting respect as the fast bowling unit. Bumrah, however, has been performing pretty well in the ongoing World Cup. India, however, are the only team who are still unbeaten in the World Cup so far who will face West Indies at the Old Trafford in Manchester on Thursday (June 27).

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah

“It’s always a great feeling that nowadays as a fast bowling unit we get a lot of respect. But our aim was to always do well as a unit which we are doing right now,” Bumrah was quoted as saying by “Last year we were playing a lot of away tours and we wanted to win away from home. If you want to win there you need a good fast bowling unit, so we were working towards that,” Bumrah said.

“We wanted to be clear and we were getting fitter. So all those processes gave us a lot of rewards, and we know what is the right way to move forward,” he shared.

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Bumrah is known for his yorker. West Indies opener Chris Gayle also praised Bumrah for his bowling.

“Bumrah is very deceptive. He’s got a good yorker, good pace. He’s got the X-factor, he’s unique and different from all fast bowlers,” Gayle said about pacer.

While asking about the secret of a yorker, Bumrah said, “Since I used to play in my backyard, the yorker was the only delivery I bowled consistently.”

“In our circle there is a lot of healthy competition going on. If we find somebody is being lazy and not bowling fast enough, we are behind their back. It’s the same with everyone, we enjoy this bond both on and off the field,” he said. “We have a lot of belief in our team and our abilities. If you don’t believe nobody else will believe,” he added.

While asking about his inspiration in his life, Bumrah replied, “I lost my father when I was a kid, I only had my sister and my mother. So we have been a very close unit since then. My mother has done a lot for me, she’s a school principal and has just retired. You don’t need to go anywhere for inspiration, it is right there.”