5 most impeccable decisions of BCCI in last decade
By CricShots - Jun 28, 2017 4:35 pm
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In past decade, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has made some apt changes in the Indian cricketing system. They are never far away from disputes but have also put in the great work whenever required. Here are 5 such instances when the BCCI has done constructive work in the past decade:

1. The launch of the IPL


The IPL is the platform that changed the perception of the world towards T20 cricket. Initially, it was thought that T20 would never be able to find its place but the fan turnout had been such that the BCCI decided to start their own T20 league.

Many cricketers have profited from the League and BCCI themselves have been able to make crores of rupees in profit. The IPL has completed ten years and despite being viewed as indulging the way young cricketers are raised, it is here to stay.

2. Improvement of fielding standards:

The fielding standards of India before the likes of Dhoni, Raina, and Kohli arrived were below-par, to say the least. India was not considered one of the best teams in fielding and would easily lose at least 20 runs due to poor fielding. All that has changed and now Indian cricket is one of the most leading fielding sides.

Indian fielders are now amongst the best, with Ravindra Jadeja leading a pack of highly driven and quick in the field.

3. Recognizing the need for change

Once the stalwarts like Rahul Dravid, Sachin, Laxman, and Sourav hang their boots, the Indian cricket team was able to flawlessly changeover. Indian cricket may not be the same without these legends but that does not mean that they are in a struggling position now.

The cricket team steadied itself for the loss of these cricketers and was able to prepare youngsters who were ready for the big stage.

4. Enduring with Dhoni as captain

After winning the T20 World Cup, BCCI decided to make Dhoni a full-time captain in all the three formats. Once Kumble retired, Dhoni was handed the pedals of the Test team as well and despite having a bad away record, his home numbers in Tests speak for themselves.

He was also an outstanding limited-overs leader, winning the team every single trophy and leading from the front in his own incomparably cool manner.

5. Providing chances for young players

Despite having the IPL, there is nothing that can replace the sensation of representing the country at the highest level. The Indians devoted certain tours such as the Zimbabwe and Bangladesh ones to train some of the youngsters.

They were allowed to represent India and play their game in the biggest of stages. The likes of KL Rahul and Kuldeep Yadav were able to benefit from their experiences.