Abhishek Nayar Answer Queries About S*x In Cricket During A Podcast
By CricShots - Jun 8, 2024 4:52 pm
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Sex is a topic often shrouded in secrecy, even in the world of professional sports. But in a recent interview with YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia, former Indian cricketer Abhishek Nayar offered a refreshingly honest perspective on its role in cricketers’ lives. Known for his direct approach, Ranveer didn’t shy away from the sensitive topic.

Abhishek Nyar
Abhishek Nyar

“Final topic, sex in cricket? Is it a factor in the lives of players?” he inquired. Nayar, initially surprised by the question, took a moment to clarify its intent. “Are you asking this in a positive way or a negative way?” he responded. “It will happen. Which human being will survive without it? But is it good or bad? Is that your question? Or is your question ‘kitna hota hai (how frequently does it take place)’?”

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Nayar, now 40 years old, acknowledged the varying viewpoints within cricket circles. “It’s normal for anyone to do it,” he admitted, “It’s different for everybody.” He explained how some players believe abstinence leads to better performance, while others see no connection between the two.

“There’s this constant fight and conundrum in every cricketer’s mind,” he elaborated. “Some people will like it, some will abstain. Some cricketers do believe that their power and focus tend to improve if they don’t have sex, while others follow that and end up concluding that nothing has changed for them.”

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Ultimately, Nayar emphasized the subjective nature of the topic. “So, this is a very individual thing. There’s no thumb rule,” he stated. He highlighted how personal preference plays a major role, along with the immense pressure players face. “The fact is, at different phases in life, different things work,” he said. “No one’s desperate, but sometimes there’s so much pressure that you want to chill.”

Abhishek Nayar’s candid discussion sheds light on a topic rarely addressed openly in cricket. His insights highlight the importance of individual needs and the complex realities athletes face under pressure.