Adam Gilchrist Expects Day/Night Test Will Take Place Between India and Australia
By Shruti - Nov 6, 2019 1:48 pm
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Former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist is expecting a Day/Night Test between India and Australia next year after India were convinced to play their maiden pink-ball match. Earlier during 2018-19 tour, India were requested to play a Day/Night Test in Australia but the visitors had declined that. However, India are all set to play their maiden Test with the pink ball against Bangladesh from November 22 in Kolkata.

Adam Gilchrist

“They would be here next summer after the T20 World Cup. I expect there will be a Day/Night Test there. I haven’t heard from Cricket Australia but I expect there would be one,” Glichrist said. “I was a reluctant starter of Day/night Tests but now I can totally see the positive outcomes that is going to help Test cricket stay relevant.”

“There is going to teething issues, particulary in India with dew, working out what series, what venues and it is take a bit of time. I used to be worried about the statistic of the game, can you compare with Day/Night in twilight to batting in broad day light,” he explained.

“It is different. But there was a time we didn’t have covered wickets, helmets, so a lot of things have changed. It is a game that has evolved over time. So whatever it takes to keep it alive and now I am very supportive of Day/Night,” he further added.

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He also commented on the newly-introduced World Test Championships.

“I understand why the ICC is trying to make sure that each Test means something even if it is 2-0 in a three-Test series, make sure that the teams keep fighting and salvage something towards the Test championship,” he said.

“It will be interesting to see over the cycle if players find it more relevant. But I don’t think it is necessary a guarantee that more people attending Test cricket. I think the days of consistent crowds of Test cricket are probably gone. The big marquee series like India-Australia and the Ashes will still garner a decent crowd. There’s still a very strong passive following of Test cricket,” he concluded.