Allan Border Comments on IPL Replacing T-20 World Cup
By CricShotsStaff - May 22, 2020 5:11 pm
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Former Australian captain Allan Border shares his opinion on rumors of the rescheduling of the T20 World Cup for IPL 2020. The Australian legend feels that the Indian tournament shouldn’t have precedence over the ICC global ICC mega-event.

Allan Border
Allan Border

The future of ICC’s tournament slated to take place in Australia is in doubt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The T20 World Cup is scheduled to begin on October 18 and continue till November 15 across Australia. However, it’s postponement might open a window for the IPL to be held during the period

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Reports suggested that if the World Cup is rescheduled, the now-postponed IPL could be held in the same window. Allan Border mentions how he isn’t happy with that arrangement.

Speaking on ABC’s Grandstand Cafe radio program, Border said, “[I’m] not happy with that, the world game should take precedence over local competition. So, the World T20, if that can’t go ahead, I don’t think the IPL can go ahead.”

“I would question that decision [to replace it] — it’s just a money grab, isn’t it, that one? The World T20 should take precedence, for sure.”

Allan Border
Allan Border

Border revealed that it would be a bad precedent if  IPL replaces the T20 World Cup. He suggests cricket boards should bar their players from participating in IPL if this plan goes ahead.

“That would be just shut the gate, you know, India running the game. They’re pretty close to it now, but I suppose if you’re responsible for 80 percent of global [cricket] income, you’re going to have a fair say in what goes on, I get that,” Border said.

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“But I think the world game can’t allow that to happen. The home boards should stop their players from going to the IPL if that’s the case. I don’t think you can have India superseding what the international game has in place. That would be going down the wrong path,” he added.