Ambati Rayudu’s Cricket Journey: From IPL Stardom To International Disappointment
By CricShots - Nov 25, 2023 12:32 pm
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In a recent podcast interview, former Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu delved into his illustrious career, sharing insights into his IPL journey, international experience, and personal reflections. Recounting his IPL highlights, Rayudu emphasized his adaptability, having played effectively in various batting positions, including opening, middle order, and lower middle order. He expressed pride in his ability to contribute to the team’s success irrespective of the batting position he was assigned.

Ambati Rayudu
Ambati Rayudu

“I would remember myself as being very flexible in a team environment. I would bat open as well as in the middle order and lower middle order. That is one area where I take a lot of pride in, contributing to the team, and I cherish that aspect a lot in my career,” Ambati Rayudu stated on The Ranveer Show.

When asked about leaving Mumbai Indians (MI) and joining Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Rayudu acknowledged the special bond he shared with MI. It was a difficult decision to leave, considering his eight-year tenure with the franchise, three IPL titles, and two Champions League trophies.

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“Of course, I played eight years for them. I started my IPL career with Mumbai. It was a great journey, and we won three IPLs and two Champions League trophies. We had great times,” Ambati Rayudu recalled.

While playing for MI was special, Rayudu admitted that joining CSK was even more special. The transition from blue pads to yellow pads and facing his former team in his first CSK match against MI was initially unsettling.

Ambati Rayudu
Ambati Rayudu played a brilliant knock

“Going to CSK was even more special, but it was very weird to sit in another dressing room, put on yellow pads instead of blue, and face Mumbai, who was practicing just two wickets away from me. It was like a whole flashback going on in my head, recalling what we used to do every day. From then on, yeah, I got used to being in CSK,” Ambati Rayudu explained.

Regarding his international career, Rayudu expressed disappointment with its conclusion and the treatment he received from the team management. He felt that his calm and quiet nature was misinterpreted as a lack of confidence.

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“I was disappointed with the way I was treated in the Indian team. I was never given a fair chance. I think they thought I lacked confidence because I was calm and quiet. But that’s not the case,” Ambati Rayudu asserted.

Rayudu’s candid reflections provide a glimpse into his personal and professional experiences, highlighting his adaptability, resilience, and contributions to the world of cricket.