Amol Muzumdar reveals what makes India captain Rohit Sharma special
By SMCS - Oct 18, 2023 12:00 pm
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Former cricketer Amol Mazumdar applauded Rohit Sharma’s captaincy after the Indian skipper led his side to three successive victories in the group matches of the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 as well. While analyzing Rohit’s approach as a cricket captain, Amol Muzumdar shared three primary aspects as well. Speaking exclusively to Star Sports show, ‘Follow the Blues,’ Muzumdar explained the significance of data and statistics in Rohit Sharma’s captaincy as well.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma broke a lot of records

Amol Muzumdar also added that the relaxed atmosphere maintained by Rohit Sharma within his team helps a lot, saying that he promotes simplicity in thought and execution which gives a calm team environment.

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“I want to highlight 3 things about his captaincy. The first one is, Rohit Sharma gives a lot of weightage and importance to data and statistics. This includes one of the most important part of his planning; he believes that it is very important to know each and every minute details and statistics of all the opposition players. The second one is, he keeps things very simple and try to make his team members to think simple. He keeps everyone in the team in a very cool and calm atmosphere,” Muzumdar further added.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma scores a record-breaking century

He also added Sharma’s ‘magical touch,’ attributing the success of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League where he led the team to secure five IPL titles as well.

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“His style of captaincy is a bit different from others; he talks very politely and in a very lovable way with his players, thus keeping things in a very easy and simple manner. And, the third one, which is the most important point, is that he has that magical touch in him. Whatever changes he makes, that comes out like a magical touch, like for example, Mumbai Indians got that magical touch in their team after Rohit Sharma became their captain. He also has five IPL titles in his name. I hope 2023 will take his magical touch,” Amol Muzumdar concluded.