IPL 2017
And another act of good!
By B Dixit - Apr 8, 2017 5:44 am
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As of now, the tenth season of the Indian Premier League is only three matches old. But what has been the highlight of these three matches is the behavior of players on the field. Many of you might be thinking about whether a controversy or a verbal fight took place on the field. But it is not the controversies that we are talking about.

Be it Yuvraj Singh-Aniket Chaudhary, Kieron Pollard-Imran Tahir or Suresh Raina-Chris Woakes, in all the three matches, players have displayed instances of playing the game with dignity.

Some credit of this good behavior on the field also goes to the Fair Play Award which is given at the end of the season to the team which upholds the honor of the game throughout the season.

Watch the full video: Video Credits РIPL.

Featured image source: iplt20.com (screen grab)