Are the umpires safe?
By B Dixit - Oct 27, 2017 12:09 pm
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Irrespective of the sport, an injury remains a part and parcel of the modern-day sports persons. Playing a top-level sport for a stretched amount of time with the heat of competitiveness can cause an injury to any player.

But what about the umpires? There have been many occasions when even the umpires end up getting injured, although minor injuries, during a game of cricket. The modern day batsman makes the umpiring position, which is around 25 yards away from him, a difficult position to stand.

Keeping the same thing in mind, some of the the modern-day have, in both international and domestic cricket, have started using safety equipment in a bid to protect themselves from the cricket ball.

With broad edges and bigger blades, it has become easier for the batsmen to smash deliveries to any part of the ground. In such a scenario, should there be ways to protect the umpire? Should wearing protective gear be made compulsory for all umpires?

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