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By B Dixit - Oct 1, 2017 10:49 am
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With the advent of T20 cricket, in the past decade or so, audiences have been used to watching humongous sixes. With the size of the modern-day bats and the shift of balance towards the batsmen, individuals with the bat in hand find it easy to use the long handle.

As a result of which, bowlers have been on the wrong end of domination. Pakistan’s former captain, Shahid Afridi, is one of the batsmen who have been known for their big-hitting abilities. The all-rounder had it in him to hit sixes at will in any situation or against any bowler.

In 523 appearances for his country, Afridi has hit the maximum sixes (476) in international cricket. He has hit 351 sixes in ODIs, 73 in T20Is and 52 in test matches. Watch one of his biggest sixes against South Africa: