“At least now, I’m responsible for my mistake” – Rishabh Pant
By SMCS - Feb 2, 2024 11:30 am
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Team India wicket-keeper batter Rishabh Pant has shared the unconditional love and support he received from his mother during the recovery process after his horrific car accident in December 2022. The talented batter was traveling from Delhi to his hometown, Roorkee, to surprise his mother before the new year when his car crashed into a road divider and caught fire as well.

Rishabh Pant

And, Pant suffered several major injuries, including a ligament tear in his right knee and also cuts on his forehead. He had to undergo surgery in Mumbai, followed by a lengthy rehabilitation process as well. Speaking to Star Sports, Pant shared the love his mother showered upon him despite being upset by the accident but  never faulted him once during recovery as well.

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“For several years, I had been driving home late. I always loved to surprise my mom. I’d reach out of nowhere and tell her, ‘Mom, just open the gate, I’m here’. So she was used to me reaching late. She was obviously very upset about the incident but she wasn’t upset about me driving late as she knew it was a habit of mine,” said Rishabh Pant. “She never faulted me for it and that was very satisfying. That’s probably why people say that family understands us the best. Accidents can happen with anyone, anytime.”

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant

However, despite the horrific accident Rishabh Pant is on the verge of returning to action soon and he said that doctors told him about being fortunate to escape ultimate tragedy as well. And, he also expressed relief about driving the car himself and not suffering the ill-fated accident due to someone else as well.

“I’m glad that I was driving when the accident happened and not anyone else. If that was the case, then I don’t know how I’d have reacted. At least now, I’m responsible for my mistake,” concluded Rishabh Pant.