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BCCI Announces Ban For The Captain With Slow Over-rate In IPL 2021?
By CricShots - Mar 31, 2021 3:09 pm
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The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced some changes in the playing conditions for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The soft signal will no longer come into play, as the final call with the take by the third umpire, with the help of technology. The long-debated Umpire’s Call rule will be staying and the short-run rule has also been altered.

bcci soft signal
BCCI made changes with the soft signal

Now, the third umpire will be able to overturn the original decision given by the on-field umpire regarding a short run. And, yet another major change that is coming in is that each team will now be required to finish the quota of 20 overs in 90 minutes including the two strategic time-outs of two and half minutes each.

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As per the quotes in Cricbuzz, BCCI stated, “As a measure to control the match timings, the 20th overs in each innings is now included in 90 minutes. The minimum over the rate to be achieved in IPL Matches shall be 14.11 overs per hour (ignoring the time taken by time-outs).”

elite pnael
Nitin Menon during IPL

Now, the BCCI has also released the penalty for slow over rates during IPL 2021 as for the first offense of slow over-rate, the captain of an IPL team will be fined INR 12 Lakhs. If the offense gets repeated by the team for the second time, the captain will be fined a sum of INR 24 Lakhs. And, if the offense is repeated for the third time, not only will the captain be fined a sum of INR 30 Lakhs, he will also be banned for one IPL match.

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Apart from the captain, the team players will be fined as well. For the second offense of slow over-rate, each member of the IPL team will receive the fine of a sum of INR 6 Lakhs or 25% of the match fee, whichever is lesser. This fine will not include the fine imposed on the captain. For any subsequent offense regarding slow over rate, each member of the team will be fined a sum of INR 12 Lakhs or 50% of the match fee, whichever is lesser.