BCCI Approves INR 2.25 Crore Gym Equipment Contribution For Constitution Club Of India
By CricShots - Aug 8, 2023 3:15 pm
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During a pivotal Apex Council meeting on December 21, 2022, noteworthy developments emerged concerning the financial support sought by the Constitution Club Of India (CCI), as detailed in the meeting’s minutes. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah unveiled CCI’s appeal for funds, marking a significant point of discussion among the council members.


Engagements regarding the financial aspects and feasibility led to the formulation of a conclusive quotation ultimately presented to the BCCI for consideration.  The proposed financial contribution amounted to INR 2.27 crores, cementing a pivotal step in this collaborative endeavor.

Elaborating on the proceedings, a key excerpt from the minutes highlighted Jay Shah’s communication: “Mr Jay Shah (BCCI secretary) apprised the members that the Constitution Club Of India (CCI) have requested for funds from the BCCI for the procurement of gym equipment.”

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The intricate process of negotiation culminated in a comprehensive cost evaluation, solidifying the financial requisition at INR 2.27 crores. In light of these deliberations, a collective recommendation was tabled, suggesting a direct lump sum donation of INR 2.25 crores to facilitate the acquisition of gym equipment by the CCI.

The minutes further documented the outcome of these discussions, underscoring the council’s acknowledgment and endorsement of the proposed financial support towards the CCI’s gym equipment initiative. This decision was subsequently archived on the official BCCI website, illustrating the organization’s commitment to transparency and accountability.


A statement on the BCCI website succinctly encapsulated the resolution: “The members took note of the update and approved the lump sum donation of INR 2.25 crores to CCI directly towards the purchase of gym equipment.”

The Constitution Club Of India, an esteemed establishment situated in Delhi’s Vithal Bhai Patel House, came into being in February 1947 with the primary objective of cultivating social interactions among members of the Indian Constituent Assembly. Over the years, it has evolved into a prominent platform fostering engagement between past and present parliamentarians.

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The leadership of the CCI is characterized by notable figures, with Om Birla, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, holding the mantle of the club’s presidency. Harivansh Singh occupies the position of general secretary, while Hardeep Singh Puri, the Union Minister of Urban Development, assumes the role of vice president. Rajiv Shukla, BCCI vice-president and Congress party’s Rajya Sabha MP, shoulders the responsibilities of the sports secretary at the CCI, further emphasizing the intersection of sports and politics within this dynamic institution.