Ben Stokes hints at aggressive cricket in Old Trafford Ashes Test
By SMCS - Jul 19, 2023 1:18 pm
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England Test captain Ben Stokes has added that they will go harder in the 4th Ashes Test, given that the weather conditions in Manchester are expected to impact their chances of winning. Stokes also promised that they will keep going harder regardless of the results. Notably, the series is 2-1 now where Australia have the upperhand.

Australia England
Australia won the Ashes 2023 opener against England

Speaking at a pre-game press conference, Stokes said: “It might bring more out of us again knowing we might have to push the game on more than we normally do. We’ll have to wait and see. If the weather is what it is predicted to be, we might have to.”

He continued: “It’s definitely been noticeable when we go out in groups, whether it be for coffees or on the golf course, we have people coming up to us and take a moment to say how much they’ve enjoyed this Ashes series in particular and making comments about friends or family who hadn’t had an interest in cricket until now.”

However, Ben Stokes stated that the result is not the most critical thing they are after and backed their aggressive approach to achieve their goals. He shared:

“I’ve always said the result is not the most important thing. The way in which we play our cricket and take the game on to get the best out of us as a team and individuals is my main thing, because if we do play good cricket, the results will work out themselves. We’re desperate to win the series and this game, but regardless of where we are at the end of the Oval Test match, this whole period of the way we’ve been playing isn’t going to stop there.”

James Anderson
James Anderson

With England bringing back James Anderson for the Old Trafford Test, Ben Stokes has backed the veteran pacer to deliver after two disappointing outings as well.

“He’s excited, back here at Old Trafford, bowling at the end named after him. I think when you’ve been as quality a performer like Jimmy has for the last 10 years, he’ll be disappointed he hasn’t contributed to the team like he normally does. But what I did say to him was, even if you aren’t taking wickets, think of the pressure you’re putting on the opposition and the wickets we take from the partnerships you’re bowling in,” he concluded.