Brad Hogg gives his opinion on India’s new Test jersey
By SMCS - Jul 22, 2023 12:35 pm
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Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has opined on India’s new Test jersey. With two new sponsors joining the BCCI, the Test kit has a touch of red and blue colours now. However, the new Test jersey of the Indian team received mixed reactions from everyone. While the younger generation welcomed the new colours with open hands, the traditionalists did not like them much.

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Sharing his reaction to the Indian team’s jersey, Brad Hogg said in an Instagram video: “What a debacle, the stripes on the Indian uniforms. I absolutely love it. I think it’s great for the game. I think it allows sponsors to create better promotion for their products. It’s a great marketing tool, but also for the fans out there. The young fans, they love a bit of color as well.”

Hogg also added that while the logos of sponsors are small, they could make a big difference for the audience as well as the growth of Test cricket as well.

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“I know it’s only small, but it could be a big difference to the promotion of Test cricket,” Hogg added.”I think that we could just have one venue where it’s just white.”

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However, before 2019, the Test jerseys neither had the jersey numbers of the players nor any big sponsorship logos at the front as well. And, the veteran feels that the administrators can think of bringing the old jerseys back when they play at the Mecca of Cricket, Lord’s as well.

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“Now for those traditionals out there, that don’t like a little bit of color on the Test uniform, I think that we could just have one venue where it’s just white. That’s Lord’s where the game originally was invented. Well, what you could say the Test game was. That’s the original origins. So we want to keep a little bit of history there. A little bit of tradition for the traditionalists, but everywhere else, let’s get a bit of color in the Test game on the uniform,” Brad Hogg concluded.