Brendon McCullum Opens Up On England’s Test Format
By SMCS - Nov 28, 2022 3:00 pm
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England Test team head coach Brendon McCullum shared that England players should do everything they can to protect Test cricket. However, they have always considered Test cricket great but recently they faced a lean patch. However, he will be there in England’s first Test tour of Pakistan in 17 years. Under his guidance, England have registered two series wins recently alongside and a historic win over India in the space of six months as well.

ben stokes
James Anderson dismissed Jasprit Bumrah as Ben Stokes took the catch

Speaking to The Vaughany and Tuffers podcast ahead of the Pakistan tour, McCullum said: “Cricket’s in a really fascinating space at the moment. The opportunities are great and ultimately people feel they need to look after their families and ensure their careers are successful long-term but I just want them desperate to play Test cricket.”

He continued: “It is the best form of cricket. The journey it takes you on, the novel that is Test cricket is so great that if we ever lost that then to me cricket becomes just another game. Embrace T20 cricket, embrace franchise cricket, but try and do what you can to ensure that the purest form of the game survives.”

England team
England team

However, Brendon McCullum, despite being one of the best players of his era in the T20 format, has left his mark in Test cricket also. He will be hoping to do well as a coach also. Notably, he was appointed after England lost successive series against Australia and the West Indies this year.

“One thing I have noticed since I’ve been in the England job is I thought England players were good but I didn’t realise they are as good as they are. There’s some serious skill operating around English cricket and I’m not sure we realised how good it is. Skill is not a problem in English cricket. It is now about the language we talk, and the environment we create to allow those players to become the best possible players they can be in the shortest period of time. That’s what our job is,” Brendon McCullum concluded.