CoA is thinking to implement new players’ contract in a different way
By Sandy - Mar 10, 2018 11:46 am
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Recently, SC appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) for BCCI introduced the new Annual Player Contracts for the ongoing cricketing season (October 2017 to September 2018). However, BCCI interim secretary Amitabh Choudhary was very unhappy due to CoA has not involved any BCCI office bearers and members in taking that important decision. While the acting Secretary said that he will not sign on the new players’ contract, CoA is thinking to implement that in a different way.


Recently, Vinod Rai-leading CoA has sanctioned the creation of a Players Revenue/Compensation Equalization Fund (PR/CEF) where BCCI has to contribute INR 125 crore in a year. While the new Annual Players Contracts is ready, there are needed two signs of BCCI members to implement the contract.

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Regarding all kinds of successful payments of BCCI, the acting Secretary and the CEO should jointly approve. There were some past instances where the Treasurer had signed instead of the CEO.

But if the payment is not processed as per rules then CoA can direct BCCI CFO Santosh Rangnekar and General Manager (Game Development) Ratnakar Shetty for signing to continue the payment process. Both were added as BCCI signatories for all bank accounts in last year

According to the CoA guideline, “While the CEO alone shall continue to sign all pleadings, affidavits, applications, in respect of legal proceedings filed by or against the BCCI, all payments to be made on behalf of the BCCI shall be jointly approved by the acting Secretary and the CEO. And if a payment is not processed and/or decision is not implemented within three working days, the CoA may direct the other two signatories (Rangnekar and Shetty), to process the payment and/or implement the decision instead of the acting Secretary and the Treasurer.”

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Earlier, interim BCCI Secretary Amitabh Choudhary said that he will not sign on the new players’ contract due to they have no involvement during the introduction of the new contract.

Choudhary had said, “What I can tell you for sure is that I was not part of process. I can also tell you that nobody from the board was. I also happen to be the convenor of senior selection committee and no meeting was called. I won’t sign (on the contracts) if they come to me.”