Cracking catches!
By B Dixit - Aug 5, 2017 7:28 am
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‘Catches win matches’ might be a very repeated statement in cricket but it is the reality. There are times when the batsmen start to dictate terms and the bowlers are unable to restrict them. More often than not, it is the fielders and their acrobatic catches, who come to the rescue of the fielding side in such situations.

During the earlier days, fielding was something that wasn’t given equal importance, as compared to the other two departments of the game. A cricketer had to be good at either batting or bowling (or both) to be selected in a team. However, the dynamics of the game have evolved over time.

A fielder can turn the course of the game with his efforts. It can be in the form of a spectacular catch or a sharp run-out. This is the reason why modern-day players and coaches lay so much emphasis on the fielding skills. Take the example of any successful team from the recent history, its fielding standards would be as good as the standards of the other two departments of the game.

Here is a video of some of the best catches taken across the world: