Curator claims the Lucknow pitch is expected to assist the spinners more
By Sandy - Nov 6, 2018 3:11 pm
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While the T20 cricket is known as a batting friendly game, the first T20I of the three-match T20I series between the hosts India and the visitors’ Windies at Eden Gardens (Kolkata) didn’t prove this fact as the bowlers widely dominated over the batsmen. The second T20I of the series is also not to be expected as a high-scoring game as a local curator has claimed that it would be a spin-friendly wicket.

Ekana International Cricket Stadium

The second T20I of the series will be played at the Ekana International Cricket Stadium (Lucknow) on Tuesday (November 6) night. While the first T20I was a low-scoring encounter, the second game is also expected not to be a high-scoring encounter as the wicket is a slow nature that will assist the spinners.

A local curator said, “It won’t be a high-scoring game for sure. The pitch has long dead grass on both sides with cracks in between. It will be a slow bouncing wicket and spinners are expected to play a big part from the beginning.

“The pitch is made of soil exported from Odisha’s Bolangir which is famous for its slow nature. Both the teams will find it difficult to score runs and hit big shots with long square boundaries.”

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Another curator said the outfield is fast and perfect but the dew might play a big deciding role in this game.

Ekana International Cricket Stadium

He said, “The outfield is perfect and fast, but dew is definitely going to play a big part. The winter is setting in North India now and dew is going to play a big role from the first ball. So, the ball won’t be racing towards the boundary and the batsmen will have to do a lot of running.”

The venue is making their international cricket debut with this game. The stadium has a 50,000 sitting capacity and it is expected to be a house-full day.