David Warner Has A Very Strong Opinion Against Mankading
By CricShots - Mar 10, 2022 8:40 pm
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The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) on Wednesday announced 9 amendments in cricket laws which included the legalization of Mankading. The custodians of cricket laws have reconsidered that the controversial act of running out the batter at the non-striker’s end, will now be re-categorized from law 41’s ‘unfair play’, and incorporated it within law 38 – pertaining to legitimate run-outs. This particular rule change has invited reactions in the cricketing fraternity.

david warner
David Warner 

The veteran Australian opener, David Warner feels that run-out at non-striker’s end remains a ‘spirit of cricket issue’ despite the MCC amending its code. Speaking with, Warner said the batters are the ones solely at ‘fault’ if such a dismissal is affected.

As per the quotes in News18, David Warner said, “I still think the history of the game suggests it’s a spirit of cricket thing… You don’t expect players to do that. I do agree with the fact that if you are backing up, and you’re out of your crease by a long way (you are fair game). I think it happened more predominantly at the end of a white-ball 50-over game, or obviously, in T20 cricket we’ve seen it but at the end of the day, as a batsman, you’ve got to stay in your crease.”

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David Warner said batters have only themselves to blame if they end up being dismissed in such a manner.

Elaborating his opinion further, David Warner said, “There’s no doubt about that, and if you’re silly enough to get caught out like that and run out, that’s your own fault. You’re told not to leave before the bowler lets the ball go, so just don’t do it.”

david warner
David Warner

The Australian media dubbed it as ‘Mankading’, but it has often been opposed by legends like Sunil Gavaskar for being ‘disrespectful’ towards Vinoo Mankad. Warner does not believe the switch from ‘unfair’ to ‘legitimate’ will cause bowlers to pursue such a dismissal more often as it would only slow down the game.

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David Warner concluded, “I think what’s important for the game of cricket is that bowlers don’t be looking for that, because then you’re going to slow the game down even more,” he said. “I know from before, being a captain, it can be frustrating and you’re taking time out of the game. So, there’s some areas there that need to be addressed, but that’s on an individual basis.”