Dhoni Keeps Wicket for Tainted Mohammad Shami
By P - Mar 12, 2018 2:03 pm
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Mohammad Shami was a hero of the nation when he bowled India to a famous victory at the Johannesburg in the third Test against South Africa a month ago. The halo of the hero got tainted when his wife levied allegations of domestic violence, infidelity and attempt to murder. 

Mohammad Shami is in deep trouble after his wife’s allegations. (Source: AFP)

The wife of India’s fast bowler pleaded her case in media and said that she has tried to save the marriage but it has gone beyond her control. “He’s making up all sorts of things to save himself from allegations. Why didn’t the media investigate even after I gave them all the details? Till the day I took to social media, I tried to convince him to save our marriage. If he tries to come back I may still consider,” she added.

Paying heed to the allegations, Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has withheld the central contract of Mohammad Shami. He was also bought at the recent IPL auction by Delhi Daredevils franchise which shall now have to wait for BCCI‘s directive to make him part of the squad.

The former Indian Captain MS Dhoni has backed his fast bowler, though. Talking to, he was quoted “As much as I know, Shami is a great human being and he can’t cheat his wife and country. It is Shami’s personal life, and we should not comment on it.

Former Indian cricketers have also come out in defense of Mohammad Shami. Kapil Dev in one of his interview said “I refuse to believe the allegations that have been leveled by Shami’s wife. If she knew about match-fixing then, why didn’t she report it earlier? When the relationship was fine, why was she silent then? There is an investigation team. Let them do their work. If Shami has done something like this then it is unacceptable and disgraceful.” 

Kapil Dev spoke in the support of the Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami (Source: AFP)

Chetan Chauhan, the former Indian opener said that it is his personal matter and it has nothing to do with cricket and Indian cricket board (BCCI) should not withhold his contract.

“The good thing is they have not canceled the contract and only withheld it. I think the contract should go on because as far as the cricketer’s ability is concerned, it has nothing to do with it. And also, he has not been pronounced guilty by the court,” said Chauhan.

As of now, the sword is hanging over Mohammad Shami‘s cricket career. Developments in coming days will only tell what happens to the (on-field) brave-hearted Indian bowler.