A different kind of Yuvraj-Dhoni partnership!
By B Dixit - Aug 4, 2017 6:54 am
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Indian veterans, Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, have been involved in numerous batting partnerships over the years. Much to the delight of Indian fans, these partnerships have given India the most desired results. Be it finishing the first innings of a match or chasing a total during the second innings of a match, both of them have been handy for India for several years now.

These two stalwarts of Indian cricket have not only dominated the opposition with the bat but with their fielding skills as well. Along with Mohammad Kaif, Yuvraj predominantly changed the face of the fielding standards in India during his earlier days. Being a wicket-keeper batsman, Dhoni is not far behind when it comes to the fielding skills. As far as stumping chances are concerned, no one in the world dislodges the bails as quick as the 36-year old Dhoni does.

During his 17-year old career, Yuvraj has taken 137 catches across formats at the highest level. On the other hand, Dhoni has been part of a whopping 735 dismissals (including both catches and stumpings) across formats in his career.

Here is a video of both the players been involved in some dismissals on the cricket field: