Dinesh Karthik Teases Ricky Ponting With Iconic Ashes Run-Out In Commentary Banter
By CricShots - Jul 31, 2023 4:58 pm
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Dinesh Karthik’s commentary journey in the UK has been a hit since he debuted in 2021. The veteran India wicketkeeper’s cricketing knowledge and witty inputs have made him a popular broadcaster in England. On Day 4 of the 5th Ashes Test, Karthik decided to have some fun by teasing Ricky Ponting, who was part of the commentary panel.

Dinesh Karthik
Dinesh Karthik

During the broadcast, a clip of Ricky Ponting’s run-out from the famous 5th Test of the 2009 Ashes series was played. The moment featured Ponting getting run out at the striker’s end by a young Stuart Broad. The run-out had turned the momentum in favor of England in that crucial Test match.

After Stuart Broad announced his retirement from Test cricket on Day 3 of the 5th Ashes 2023 Test, Karthik couldn’t resist pulling Ponting’s leg with the iconic run-out. In response, Ponting and fellow commentator Mark Taylor playfully fired back at Karthik.

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Dinesh Karthik said, “The two Australian commentators here are going gaga over how well Australia is going. Here is a moment though, that happened a few Ashes ago. Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey had put on a partnership of 127 before this happened. What happened after that, I think it is best Ricky explains. They lost the Test and the Ashes post that.”

In a light-hearted exchange, Ponting jokingly commented on Karthik’s apparent love for English cricket, saying, “Gee have a bit of that, there you go. Dinesh Karthik’s become an honorary Englishman overnight, hasn’t he?” Taylor joined in, quipping, “Just making sure he has a contract next year, isn’t he? Locking himself in the Sky box. Good work DK.”

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Despite the rain interruptions, Australia’s chase of 384 in the 5th Ashes Test was steady. If they succeed, it would be the eighth-highest successful fourth-innings chase in test history, the second-best from an Australian side, and the second-best in England. It would also mark Australia’s first outright win on English soil in 22 years.

The playful banter between Karthik, Ponting, and Taylor added some light-hearted moments to the intense Ashes contest.