ECB and CA deny the latest spot-fixing claims
By Sandy - Oct 22, 2018 9:16 pm
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The latest spot-fixing revelation has put up a big questions mark on the reliability of global cricket market. However, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA) both have denied the fixing claims against their players.

ECB and CA both have denied the latest spot-fixing claim

Only a few months ago, the Qatar-based news and current affairs satellite TV channel, Al Jazeera exposed few spot-fixing incidents in recent international cricket through a video. In that part too, some English and Australian cricketers were accused of involving in the spot-fixing in international cricket but those names haven’t been revealed publicly yet.

Now, on Sunday, the same channel Al Jazeera has put another bomb on the table through another new video, where they have exposed some more spot-fixing incidents in some vital international cricket matches, including the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, 2012 ICC World T20 in Sri Lanka etc. Like the previous video, this time also the channel hasn’t revealed the names of those corrupt players.

While some England and Australian cricketers have been reported to involve in the spot-fixing incidents in international cricket, their national cricket boards have denied those claims and demanded the each and every evidence from Al Jazeera, including those un-edited materials, to investigate on those reported incidents.

ECB stated in their release, “The ECB takes its responsibilities on anti-corruption and preserving the integrity of cricket very seriously.”



“Whilst the limited information we have been given by Al Jazeera is poorly prepared and lacks clarity and corroboration it has been properly assessed. Analysis of this by the ECB Integrity Team has cast no doubt on the integrity or behaviour of any England player, current or former.

“The materials we have been given have been referred to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit and we will continue to work with them, as is the correct procedure for protecting the game.”

Meanwhile, CA CEO James Sutherland has also the same voice over the latest spot-fixing revelation video. He has also full confidence on the national players.

Sutherland stated on this, “Cricket Australia takes a zero-tolerance approach against anyone trying to compromise the integrity of the game, and to suggest anything otherwise is unsubstantiated and incorrect.

“Prior to the broadcast of Al Jazeera’s documentary, Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit conducted a review of the latest claims by Al Jazeera, from a known criminal source, and, from the limited information provided by Al Jazeera, our team have not identified any issues of corruption by any current or former player, including in relation to Big Bash League matches.

“We have full confidence in our players in also protecting the game, and we are working closely with the ACA [Australian Cricketers’ Association] to keep them informed of any developments.”

James Sutherland

“The materials we have been given have been referred to the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit and we will continue to work with them in order to ensure the integrity of the game.

“We urge Al Jazeera to provide all un-edited materials and any other evidence to the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit.

“Australian cricket is proactive with its sports integrity management and Cricket Australia’s Integrity Unit oversees and maintains the integrity of all domestic cricket in Australia, including BBL and WBBL matches.

“In addition to this, prior to the start of each Australian season, all professional cricketers are required to participate in thorough anti-corruption education sessions before being eligible to compete in CA’s domestic competitions.”