ECS T10 League Witnessed One of The Unique Finishes In A Game Of Cricket
By CricShots - May 20, 2021 3:50 pm
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The fans have witnessed some incredible cricket matches during the ongoing season of the ECS T10 League in Europe. Despite teh fact that the game of cricket changed very much in the modern era, the excitement has always been at an all-time high. In the new era of T20 and T10 franchise cricket all over the world, nail-biting finishes to the game have become a regular part.

ecs t10
A comical finish to the ECB T10 game

In the latest ECS T10 league in Prague, the 31st match of the tournament witnessed one of teh most unique conclusions that the viewers of it would take a long time to forget. PCR made 91 for the loss of five wickets in their game against UCC in the game batting first. It was certainly a decent score to chase down in 10 overs. However, the game went right down to the wire as UCC did put a great fight and took the game to the last ball of the 10th over.

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The match went viral because of what happened on the final ball of the match. It was a golden ball and UCC needed a couple of runs to win in the last ball, which they managed to do in a unique style. 

Here is the video of the incident:

The UCC batsman managed to make a square cut off that last delivery but unfortunately for him, he played teh ball towards the fielder in the circle. He managed to run only one before the throw was done to the wicket-keeper. The non-striker reached early before the ball reached the keeper.

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The non-striker waited in the crease for the keeper to dislodge the bell rather than trying to run again. All the PCR players started celebrating but the batsman who scored it continued his run from the other end which kept the game going.

By the time all PCR players were celebrating on teh sidelines, both the batsmen crossed and completed another run. If a batsman is in the crease, the opposition can’t run out of him and the second run was a valid Run, what smart thinking by the Batsman. UCC won the match by five wickets. Really, what an unbelievable end to the game.