Famous celebrations of IPL cricketers
By CricShots - Apr 20, 2017 5:36 pm
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has presented a rare blend of pure entertainment and cricket since its inception. In fact, entertainment has been the USP of the league from its first edition.

We have witnessed some quality cricket in all those years. All the entertainment has only helped to increase the masses to the stadiums. Perhaps it would be admissible to say that the off-field entertainment has somewhat rubbed off on the players as well. Over the last few years, we have seen players celebrating a wicket, a catch or any significant landmark in the IPL in colorful fashion.

Here we list the top 5 celebrations from the players in the IPL.

1. Tabraiz Shamsi

Tabraiz Shamsi, who was not a household name popular name when he was included in the RCB squad in the last season of IPL. However, by the time the IPL finished, his popularity had risen, more because of his unusual celebrations than his bowling ventures.

The chinaman bowler was known for his colorful celebrations during his days in the Carribean Premier League. In fact, he has his own special celebration, the Bus Driver, which was on show during the complete season of IPL 2016. The celebration that followed was nothing new. But this time, none other than Virat Kohli joined in.

2. Darren Sammy

Former West Indian skipper Darren Sammy is known for his flamboyant celebrations on the pitch, usually breaking into an eccentric dance to celebrate a landmark. However, it was indeed a special milestone that he was celebrating. Sammy had appeared late for season 6 of the IPL as he was at home for the birth of his daughter.

The lanky batsman got down to business and resurrected the innings with a 41-ball 60. Explaining it afterward, he said, “I just had a baby girl back home and I was in my room thinking about how I would celebrate. I saw my baby girl suck on the pacifier and then I said to myself ‘Oh,  I will get my pacifier out after a wicket or a landmark.’ And that’s how this style of celebrating came about.”

3. Dwayne Bravo

It’s no surprise that Dwayne Bravo is on this list. After all, he has a prominence for being the most entertaining cricketer in the world. Over the years in the IPL, (first at Chennai Super Kings and then at Gujarat Lions), with every little milestone, Bravo has danced his way into everyone’s hearts. However, among all his dance performances on the pitch, champion dance was his personal favorite.


4. Chris Gayle

Of course, the West Indians are going to fill up this list and this is the last one. The universe boss, Chris Gayle, who is probably the world’s most dangerous batsman, is no exception. We have seen him dance to Gangnam Style and perform the bhangra, all while destroying the bowlers into orbit.

We all love watching him crush the opposition. One of his famous celebrations was when he ran a few yards before jumping up in the air. While in the air, he spun before landing with his hands spread out in a dignified fashion. Speaking about it later, Gayle said, “I’m a Cristiano Ronaldo fan and I told them if I got a hundred, I’d celebrate like him.”

5. Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is considered an attacking player, who does not shy away from showing his emotions on the field. In last year’s IPL, the Delhi-born batsman was in form of his life. He became the only batsman to score more than 800 runs in a single season.

Coming to the celebration in question, On reaching his 100 with a boundary off just 47 balls against Kings XI Punjab, Kohli celebrated by pulling off his helmet and tapping his left hand with his right, five times. The underlying reason for this celebration is what makes it so special.

Talking about the same, “I was afraid that I had split my webbing badly. But I told the physio that I want to play anyhow. A bit of injury gives extra motivation and it feels sweeter to do that extra bit for the team.”