“For me, Bigg Boss was like a self-realization” – S Sreesanth
By SMCS - Jan 19, 2024 12:16 pm
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Former India speedster S Sreesanth has dismissed all the rumours regarding the famous reality show Bigg Boss being scripted. He also added that contestants who don’t win Bigg Boss call it scripted as well. Meanwhile, Sreesanth, 40, featured in Bigg Boss 12 in 2018 and finished as first runner-up, where he lost to actor Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. He was among the most popular contestants of the season, making headlines for varied reasons as well.

sreesanth depression
Sreesanth witnessed intense depression during his ban

Speaking to Sportskeeda’s YouTube channel, Sreesanth claimed, “People who don’t win Bigg Boss call it scripted. It’s not just [about] TRP, it’s about being you. You connect with people. In Bigg Boss, you cannot fake things for 100 days. You can be fake for two-three weeks. After that, your [real] personality comes out. The more you act there, the more difficult it will get. People can see through it. For me, Bigg Boss was like a self-realization, one of the best things that I have done. A lot of celebrities might not agree with me, but for me that platform was very important. I am thankful that I could change the way they think about Bigg Boss in that season.”

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However, during the chat on Sportskeeda, S Sreesanth also recalled a recent incident when a famous Pakistani actor applauded him for the way he played in the Bigg Boss.

S Sreesanth
S Sreesanth took his first wciket after a gap of 9 years

“Recently, when I went to play US Masters, some Pakistani actresses and their family had come. I met a person in the flight, who is a big actor in Pakistan. He interacted normally with me [not recognizing Sreesanth]. Obviously, I was with headphones and night glasses and cap and all that.”“Next day, he met me at the reception, and went, ‘aap Sreesanth ho’. I said, ‘haan’. Then he told me, ‘my mother wants to meet you’. I said ‘ok’. She comes to me and she is also a very famous actress in Pakistan. She comes to me and says, ‘we respect you a lot. We have lots of respect for your wife also’,” S Sreesanth continued.

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“Bigg Boss dekhta hai aap ka. What you did in Bigg Boss, hats off to you and your family. The life journey you have had, lots of respect for not giving up. That gives us believe and hope,” S Sreesanth concluded. “At the end of the day, whatever you get, love or hate, I am just genuinely grateful.”