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This is what Gambhir said about people of Delhi
By B Dixit - Apr 26, 2017 5:24 am
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Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambhir, brought out in open the following habit about the people of his city, New Delhi. We often hear a lot of abuses being hurled by the residents of the capital city. ‘Looking at me and Virat Kohli, you can say that Delhi players are more abusive’, Gambhir said.

The cricket field has also witnessed a lot instances where either Gambhir or Kohli have been engaged in an heated arguments on the field. One such fierce instance happened in the Indian Premier League during a Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders match in 2013 where both the boys from Delhi were standing against each other.

“It just comes naturally (abusing on the field). It’s just the culture (in Delhi). That is the only thing I can say because that’s the way you’ve been brought up and maybe the competitive edge as well. Being from Delhi and being so competitive normally that’s how the culture is,” Gambhir told Knight Club host Jatin Sapru in an interview.

“Looking at someone like me and Virat (Kohli) obviously you can say that (laughs). There is nothing wrong in it unless you don’t take it personally. If you keep it on the field that’s absolutely fine. Till the time you don’t take it personal and off the field that is fine. But yes, somewhere down the line you cannot cross the line. A lot of people are watching as well so you have to be a little more sensible about it,” he added.

Going at the current scenario, Gambhir’s Knight Riders are at the the second position in the points table. With five wins in seven matches, they are only a place behind Mumbai Indians. On the other hand, one point from the washed out match against Sun Riders Hyderabad has put Kohli’s Royal Challenger Bangalore at the sixth spot in the points table.

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