Gautam Gambhir condemns Farrukhabad incident in an emotional Tweet
By SMCS - Sep 7, 2017 6:01 am
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Gautam Gambhir is known for his concerns about the political issues going around the country and he is seen to tweet occasionally about them showing his concerns for the society.

It was a few days back when children died in Gorakhpur due to lack of Oxygen Supply. Almost 63 people died in that incident. The horrific tragedy occurred in Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College. According to reports, around 30 children died within 48 hours as the oxygen supply was cut-off by a private contractor due to a payment dispute.

Such incident was repeated in Farrukhabad where 49 babies died. Gautam Gambhir took to twitter to speak about the incident.

“A case has been registered against the CMO, CMS and some other doctors. Further action will be taken as the investigation proceeds,” claimed Dayanand Mishra, SP Farrukhabad according to News18.

“I had been visiting local government hospital, but no doctor informed me about the children deaths. The investigation done by city magistrate team has revealed that there was negligence on the part of doctors of RML hospital. It was the duty of CMO and CMS, the senior officers of medical service to take appropriate action to save the precious lives,” quoted Farrukhabad MLA, Mejor Sunil Dutt Dwivedi as per reports from TOI.

Many other cricketers like R.P.Singh and Amit Mishra too voiced their concern.