IPL 2017
Gentleman’s Game. Oh yes!
By B Dixit - Apr 5, 2017 5:28 pm
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It is that part of the year when people in India get to watch the city-based extravaganza in the form of the Indian Premier League. The IPL is, without a doubt, the most cut-throat T20 tournament played around the world.
In an atmosphere, where tempers are high and the pressure is on, it’s not always about the clash. Cricket is a gentleman’s game, after all!

Video – Credits IPL

The video shows Yuvraj Singh accepting the fact he got deceived by debutant Aniket Chaudhary’s bouncer. Sreenath Aravind’s drop might have denied Chaudhary his second wicket but Yuvraj’s shake-of-a-hand would have given him some serious amount of confidence!