Hardik Pandya opines on negative reactions to him replacing Rohit Sharma as MI captain
By SMCS - Mar 20, 2024 9:38 am
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Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Hardik Pandya understands the negative reactions from fans, especially those which came for replacing Rohit as the team’s captain. However, Hardik feels it is important to focus on performing well on the field. He also claimed that he completely understood the fans’ emotions as well, but also added that he couldn’t control their reaction as well.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma in MI’s practice

Speaking to the reporters in the pre-season press conference, Hardik Pandya said, “Fans on social media have expressed their displeasure at Rohit being replaced as captain and continue to ask for more transparency from the Mumbai Indians hierarchy.”

“It won’t be any different because he (Rohit) will help me out if I need his help. He is the captain of the Indian team which helps me as well.
What he has achieved with this team, I will just carry forward that. So I don’t think it will be anything different or awkward. It will be nice
feeling because we have played together for 10 years. I have played under him and I know he is going to have a hand on my shoulder always,” he again shared.

Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya also played seven seasons for Mumbai Indians under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy and now returns to lead the India captain and team.

Rohit Sharma
Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya

On this, he stated: “The camaraderie between Rohit and Hardik could play a massive role in the dressing room environment, thereby going on to reflect on Mumbai Indians’ performances on the field. It takes time. It takes process. It’s not a magic wand that Shakalaka Boomboom and we won the trophy. It takes time, and caring for each other. If we can get all of this together, I feel we can crack it and try to achieve something that you all want.”

“When I played with both of them, I shared a great bond and now one being bowling coach and one being batting coach, it is a very happy surprise. Poeple whom I loved playing with are here and Mark’s been fantastic from his standpoint. I am back to what I have done throughout my career (on his role) I am looking forward to doing that and I hope I do justice to all expectations that people have. I will try to finish as many games as possible and I ll down there and enjoy the position which I have always loved,” Rohit Sharma concluded.