Hardik Pandya’s Preparation Regimen: Navigating Asia Cup Challenges Enroute To World Cup
By CricShots - Aug 31, 2023 12:10 pm
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Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya has shared his insights into the upcoming highly anticipated clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan at the 2023 Asia Cup. Recognizing the intense emotions stirred by fans, Pandya highlighted the team’s commitment to delivering outstanding cricket against their formidable adversaries.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

Amidst the fervor surrounding such matches, Pandya acknowledged the challenge of maintaining composure. He stressed the importance of making well-considered decisions instead of being swayed by emotional impulses. The upcoming mega event, in Pandya’s view, offers a platform to display character and determination, a prospect that invigorates him.

“Many emotions are linked with the fans. For us, it’s about facing a good team, competing against a strong side that has performed well recently,” Hardik Pandya conveyed to Star Sports, addressing the significance of the India-Pakistan clash in the 2023 Asia Cup. He added, “They’ve been in a few finals, and there’s always tension between us. So, our approach is to keep the external noise at bay and concentrate on playing exceptional cricket. After all, we are cricketers.”

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“We mustn’t get overly emotional, as impulsive decisions can follow, something I don’t endorse. Nevertheless, it’s a mega event. I’ve observed how it tests your character, challenges your personality, and demonstrates how well you can navigate deep waters. All these factors genuinely excite me; I can hardly wait,” he enthused.


In addition, Pandya delved into his perspective on One Day International (ODI) cricket, emphasizing adaptability within the longer format. He discussed the nuances of gearing up for high-stakes confrontations, where a strategic mindset complements crucial situational awareness. He also shared his mindset adjustment for ODI cricket and his preparations for these high-profile encounters.

“Essentially, you have more time than you might think. Even in T20, I believe there’s more time than perceived. However, ODIs are considerably longer games. Adapting to the conditions is crucial since the format spans 50 overs. To defeat a strong opponent, you need to excel throughout those 100 overs,” explained Hardik Pandya.

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He further added, “As a cricketer, my mindset shifts to align with the demands of the ODI format. Proper preparation sets the stage, allowing me to read the situation. Often, the situation itself dictates, so it’s not about employing rocket science. It’s about observing the game, comprehending its dynamics, and making shrewd decisions.”