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Harsha Bhogle Gives A Stern Reply To English Media Over
By CricShots - Sep 30, 2022 8:27 pm
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The controversy involving Deepti Sharma and Charlie Dean controversy has been one of the most talked about incidents in cricket since the evening of 24th September, when the Indian all-rounder run-out Dean at the non-striker’s end and helped India to register a clean sweep in a three-match ODI series at the Lord’s cricket ground in London. Sharma was immensely criticized by the English media, and while there have been many to support her and defend her, Harsha Bhogle joined the bandwagon on Friday afternoon.

Deepti Sharma
Deepti Sharma affected a smart run-out at the non-striker’s end

Harsha Bhogle backed Deepti Sharma and lashed out at the English media for portraying her in the incorrect manner. Even though the MCC has been steadfast in supporting the run-out as a legal mode of dismissal, current, and former English cricketers, alongside the media, have been outspoken in their criticism of the dismissal method, citing the spirit of cricket to back their sayings.

The veteran Indian commentator took to Twitter on Friday, September 30, and opened up on the long-going controversial topic in favor of Deepti Sharma.

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He shared a shared thread on Twitter involving eight tweets, and explained why he felt that what was happening had been unfair, as he said: “I find it very disturbing that a very large section of the media in England is asking questions of a girl who played by the laws of the game & none at all of another who was gaining an illegal advantage and was a habitual offender. That includes reasonable people & I think it is a cultural thing. The English thought it was wrong to do so & because they ruled over a large part of the cricket world, they told everyone it was wrong.”

While no other media person or cricketer has been talking about the women’s game before India won the series early by winning the first couple of matches, the social media was divided after the conclusion of the third ODI. There were very few English cricketers who supported Sharma’s move, like Alex Hales and Heather Knight, but most of them criticized her and portrayed her wrongfully.

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In his thread, Harsha Bhogle further added, “The colonial domination was so powerful that few questioned it. As a result, the mindset still is that what England considers wrong should be considered wrong by the rest of the cricket world, much like the “line” the Aussies say you must not cross having decided what the line should be which is fine in their culture but may not be for others. The rest of the world is no longer obligated to think the way England does and so we see what is so plainly wrong,” Bhogle added.