Reasons behind the hate army of Virat Kohli
By CricShots - Apr 10, 2017 4:52 pm
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Virat Kohli

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is one of the most crucial cricketers of Indian cricket, especially after becoming a captain in all the formats. However, he is also one of the most hated cricketers in the World cricket other than India.

The Englishmen and some other nations want him away from the action while the Australian hate him the most. The main reason for gathering this much hate because of his ability to perform consistently. In recent times, he has created and broken a plethora of batting records because of which a lot of people became jealous of him. Here are 7 reasons why he is the most hated cricketer.

1. Arrogance

Virat is quite an emotional cricketer on the field. He has the ability to unsettle the opposition team with his on-field presence. Sometimes, Kohli’s celebration after scoring a century or after achieving a feat makes an opposition jealous of him.

2. Leaves nothing back

Kohli loves giving it back to the oppositions. He not only returns praises and smiles but also the abuses and sledges. Australians are known to sledge but Kohli is way ahead when he gets into his groove. Under the leadership of Virat, an opposition can’t upset team India with sledging itself.

3. Nightmare for Bowlers

Even the best bowler would think twice before bowling to Kohli when that day belongs to the run-machine. The Indian skipper has the ability to smash the ball all around the park and he can make look a good delivery a bad one. If Virat wants to hit a ball he makes sure to hit it well.

4. Fair Play Leader

Kohli is that kind of captain who never looks to compromise the integrity of the game for a win. He never keeps quiet when an opposition or even his team flip rules. Kohli always goes to the umpire whenever he sees an unfair play which sometimes becomes a real torture for the opposition.

5. MajecticTransformer

If a team tries to get into Kohli’s nerves than he takes his game to another level and makes sure that the opposition realizes their mistake. The Indian run-machine has a unique skill set of performing much better, especially after getting the slightest provocation.

6. Mr. Attention seeker

Kohli is not only the heartthrob of Indian women but he has also attracted women from all around the globe. The best example to that is the England Women Cricketers Danielle Wyatt and Katherine Brunt, who wished to marry Virat.

7. Kohli- the team Player

Virat Kohli is one those players who always plays for his team and never for personal feats and records. He is that kind of leader who always finds ways to take his team to the winning side of the line. This is obvious from his unbelievable chasing run rate against any team.

Keep hating haters, keep hating!