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Henry Blofeld’s Pro-Australia Comments Draw Criticism From Harsha Bhogle
By CricShots - Nov 22, 2023 12:01 pm
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In the aftermath of Australia’s stunning victory over India in the 2023 World Cup final, former BBC Test Match Special commentator Henry Blofeld took to social media to express his delight. Blofeld hailed Australia’s triumph, commending their courage and skill in defeating the unbeaten hosts.

Harsha Bhogle
Harsha Bhogle

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that the Aussies won the World Cup. Talk about going into the lions’ den and coming out first. Well done all of them. It won’t do India any harm. They’re getting a bit too big for their boots,” Blofeld wrote on the social media platform ‘X’.

However, Henry Blofeld’s comments sparked a debate, with Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle taking issue with the perceived condescension in his remarks. Bhogle recalled his early experiences in England, where he often encountered a patronizing attitude from cricket commentators and fans alike.

“When I first started going to England, this was the mindset I had to deal with. Superior. Condescending. Looking down at us,” Harsha Bhogle stated.

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Despite this, Harsha Bhogle acknowledged the progress made in recent years, commending the next generation of cricket commentators for their open-mindedness and inclusivity. “In the welcome change that has come about, the next generation is more aware, less snobbish and just easier to be with. It has allowed them to stay relevant and progress,” Bhogle observed.

He also fondly remembered working with “absolute gentlemen” like Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Vic Marks, Mike Selvey, and Bill Frindall during his early days at Test Match Special.

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“On my first time on the BBC, there were absolute gentlemen like Christopher Martin-Jenkins, who made me feel comfortable, and Vic Marks and Mike Selvey and then there were others like Bill Frindall…,” Bhogle added.

Harsha Bhogle’s perspective highlights the importance of fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment in cricket commentary, where camaraderie and mutual appreciation can bridge cultural and personal differences.