ICC Is Putting Bid For Cricket’s Inclusion In 2028 Los Angeles Olympics
By Aditya Pratap - Aug 10, 2021 2:50 pm
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed, on Tuesday, they are preparing to make a bid for cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Cricket wasn’t a part of the recently-concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Cricket lasted featured in 1900 Paris Olympics

The last time cricket featured in the Olympics was back in 1900 in Paris. Since then, cricket has rarely featured in multi-sports events. ICC believes this move will spread the game outside the Commonwealth nations.

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“Our sport is united behind this bid, and we see the Olympics as a part of cricket’s long-term future,” ICC chair Greg Barclay said in a statement.

“We have more than a billion fans globally and almost 90 per cent of them want to see cricket at the Olympics.”

Cricket keenly followed in South Asia where India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are the dominant countries. Barclay mentioned the inclusion of cricket would be welcomed by 30 million people in the United States of America.

“We believe cricket would be a great addition to the Olympic Games, but we know it won’t be easy to secure our inclusion as there are so many other great sports out there wanting to do the same,” he said.

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“But we feel now is the time to put our best foot forward and show what a great partnership cricket and the Olympics are.”

Los Angeles will host the 2028 Olympics

The ICC has formed an Olympic Working Group, which is chaired by English cricket board chief Ian Watmore along with former PepsiCo Inc CEO Indra Nooyi and USA cricket chief Parag Marathe.

“With so many passionate cricket fans and players already in the USA, and a huge global audience and following for the sport around the world, we believe that cricket’s inclusion will add great value to the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games…” Marathe said.