ICC Provides Guidelines For Post COVID-19 Cricket Resumption
By CricShotsStaff - May 23, 2020 1:31 pm
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The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has affected the world severely brought it down to a standstill.  Many countries are completely lockdown for their safety and to contain the spread of the virus. Many major sporting events are postponed or canceled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the globe. Cricket has also suffered a similar fate with many international and domestic matches canceled for over 2 months. Many  Cricket associations have taken steps to bring the game back and resumption of sporting activities. Following the same,  The International Cricket Council (ICC) has published guidelines for the safe resumption of cricket.


The document is released to help and assist the member associations in restarting cricket activities in their respective country as government restrictions start to relax.

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The ICC Medical Advisory Committee in consultation with Member Medical Representatives developed the “ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines” document. It provides guidance for the safe resumption of any sort of cricketing activities including domestic professional cricket and international cricket.

However, the guidelines don’t answer anything on the complete resumption of cricket in different parts of the world.  It just acts as a framework that suggests guidelines for its members’ association to follow. The guidelines will help in resuming cricket in a way the avoids the major risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus amongst others.

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The International Cricket Council also advises its members to use these guidelines as a framework and form their personalized policies from the same. ICC suggests that the members should create a personalized framework for a return to cricket activity in adherence to respective local and national government regulations.  They also want to ensure the cricket community applies the necessary safety measures when resuming cricket.