Investigations For Moeen Ali’s Allegations Of Racial Sledge Closed
By CricShots - Sep 25, 2018 2:14 pm
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Cricket Australia (CA) has closed its investigation into Moeen Ali’s allegations that he was racially sledged during the 2015 Ashes having found no “new additional evidence”. In his upcoming autobiography, part of which was published in The Times, England all-rounder revealed that he was called “Osama” by “an Australian player” during the first Test in Cardiff.

Moeen Ali

Moeen, who belongs to the Muslim religion, did not name publicly name the player, who he revealed had claimed he said “part-timer”. England coach Trevor Bayliss raised the issue at the time with his Australian counterpart Darren Lehmann and CA announced it would explore the incident again when Moeen’s allegation was published earlier this month.

The CA has now announced that investigation has been brought to an end after yielding no fresh evidence.

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A CA spokesman said: “We have followed up with the ECB [England and Wales Cricket Board] and our team management and confirmed that the incident was investigated at the time, with a response provided to Moeen. Moeen elected not to progress the matter any further and we have not been able to ascertain any new additional evidence through our inquiries. As such, the matter is considered closed.”

Ali received a tremendous amount of sledging from Australia

He further added, “We take a zero-tolerance approach to remarks of this nature, they have no place in our sport, or in society and any allegations raised with us are treated seriously and respectfully. Representatives of our country are expected to uphold a high standard of behaviors and values, and they are fully aware of the consequences should they fail to do this.”

Moeen said the Australian player in question had denied making the comment to him at the time. He said that Lehmann asked the player, ‘Did you call Moeen Osama?’ the player denied it, saying, ‘No, I said, “Take that, you part-timer.”