IPL 2018: Aakash Chopra brings forward a kink in the DRS
By B Dixit - Apr 21, 2018 9:13 pm
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This season of the IPL (Indian Premier League) is the first one where the use of DRS (Decision Review System) is taking place. Originally slated to make the decision-making easier for the umpire, the system has its own set of cons. To start with, despite the fact that DRS was started a decade ago, it has still not come on terms with what set of procedures will be considered the final ones. Such is the number of changes that this system has gone through. As a result, more than solving problems, it has created new ones at that.

Akash Chopra

Aakash Chopra, ex-Indian cricketer and current commentator, expressed his disappointment on Twitter regarding one of the kink which he founded about the DRS system recently. Given the amount of knowledge that he possesses, one has to agree with him for bringing out a valid point.

During the 16th match of the this season between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad at Mohali, Lokesh Rahul was adjourned out leg before the wicket by the umpire. It happened on the second ball of the third over when a Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivery hit Rahul on his pads. After watching the umpire’s raised finger, Rahul immediately called for the DRS.

The replays were evident of the fact that the ball had hit the inside part of his bat before hitting his pads. The umpire had to overturn his decision eventually. When the appeal was on, the ball had raced for a boundary through the third-man region. Since the umpire had ruled the batsman out, the boundary went out of the question.

That being said, after he was ruled not-out, he was a contender to get the four runs because in the general run of things, this is what happens. This flaw was what Chopra pointed out on his Twitter handle.