IPL 2019
IPL 2019: Ashwin’s ‘Mankaded’ controversy divided BCCI
By Aditya Pratap - Mar 26, 2019 9:03 pm
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The infamous Mankaded dismissal of Jos Buttler, which occurred during the match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab, has gathered a lot of controversy in just one day. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been divided into two parts over this dismissal of Buttler.

Ashwin clipped the bails before Buttler can come back

Last night in Jaipur, KXIP skipper Ravichandran Ashwin stopped before leaving the ball and caught Buttler out of the crease to run him out. This is one controversial way to dismiss a batsman but it is now under the laws of cricket since 2017 and no prior warning is required in this age of cricket.

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As soon as it happened, the cricket fraternity got divided into two half, one is with Ashwin’s act and the other one is not. Meanwhile, India’s cricket governing body is also divided into two parts over this dismissal. A senior BCCI official told IANS captains should have maintained the decorum.

“A player is supposed to deceive the other with his cricketing skills and not with shady skills. If the batsman is taking advantage, deal with it in the right way – as a gentleman. Competitiveness is all very well but a standard of decorum ought to be maintained,” the official said.

While another senior BCCI official told PTI that the Indian cricket board will not give a lecture to Ashwin on sportsman spirit despite the controversy irrupted by this incident.

“There is no question of lecturing Ashwin on spirit of the game. He did what is permissible within the rules of the game. The umpires and match referees are there to ensure that players compete as per laws of the game,” a BCCI official said.

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“So, the BCCI is not getting involved. As far as Shane Warne is concerned, let’s not forget he is Rajasthan Royals brand ambassador and not a neutral observer,” he added.

Amidst, IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla tweeted that it was decided in a captain’s meet before one IPL that no player would try to Mankad a batsman. However, a former IPL governing council member mentioned that meeting happened before Mankad was accepted in the MCC rules book.

R Ashwin almost waited for Buttler to got out of the crease

“I am well aware about the meeting Shukla ji is referring to. It was before the new rules came into the effect where bowlers need not warn the batsmen before Mankading. In that meeting, it was decided that bowlers would at least warn the batsmen,” the former GC member said.